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The Biokinetics Association of the United Kingdom is a professional body that unites practicing Biokineticists in the UK. Founded in South Africa, Biokinetics is an allied health profession with a focus on human movement, exercise science and health promotion.

To obtain registration with certified health bodies and councils, students complete a three year bachelor’s degree, a one year honours degree and a final year of medical internship, working alongside an already registered Biokineticist.

A Biokineticist will perform a thorough clinical assessment that includes both subjective reporting and objective measurement. A subjective assessment pertains to the patient’s individual medical history and present health condition. 



The objective assessment may include postural analysis, vital measurements such as blood pressure, cholesterol or glucose testing, muscle testing, joint assessment and fitness testing. This information is used to develop an appropriate treatment plan based on scientific reasoning and clinical relevance. Biokineticists work in sport and recreation – equipped with the knowledge and skills to support orthopaedic injury, chronic disease management and novice to elite sports performance.

Practitioners provide guidance and support to patients throughout their rehabilitation journey. Re-assessments are performed periodically to ensure the patient is making progress and achieving their set goals. Adjustments to treatment plans are made as necessary in accordance with clinical excellence and patient safety.

Biokineticists work alongside other health care practitioners to support patients through all phases of rehabilitation and disease management, providing comprehensive and holistic treatment to their patients.

What is a Biokineticist?

A Biokineticist is an allied healthcare professional specialising in exercise rehabilitation and performance enhancement. 

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If you are interested in becoming part of the Biokinetics Association of the United Kingdom, or require any rehabilitation or performance enhancement services, please get in touch.